Buy a gong mallet for your gong here.

Free shipping Australia wide , if you purchase a pair.

Welcome to Australia’s gong mallet website. Hand crafted from sustainable product, upcycled pre owned timbers. I source the timber for my mallet from a variety of sources, and i check each example closely for any structural weakness or evidence of parasitic habitation.

Small size, suits gongs up to 30 inches

My name is Paul Ford, and i manufacture each mallet personally.

I create a broad range of interesting and diverse styles of gong mallet shaft, working timber on a wood lathe.

I can also undertake commission orders for speciality mallets. If you experience physical ailment’s such as Arthritis, and other limiting conditions. I can work with you to create a mallet or pair of which you can work with in your gong play.

Prices for my mallets are available upon request.


I ship Australia wide, and globally.

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“I absolutely love them.
I love the colour and design ,so beautifully made
I used them with my client today and the sound was so beautiful
I could hold them really well and I almost felt closer to the gongs ..”

Linda Swinton-Essex United Kingdom.

Happy to find new sounds on this little gong….that only had a very dominant sound all the time

Sani- Spain.

The mallets are very easy to handle and the contact noise with my gongs is minimal. I would even go as far as to say pretty non existent

Suzanne-Perth, West Australia